Friday, September 2, 2011

"fall" in love...blah blah blah

we get it. floral and brights in the spring. darks in the fall. everyone right now is a buzz about fall trends...deep jewel tones.. plaids... blazers...shocking! well ya know what i say?? fall trends fall shmends! if i wanna wear black in the spring - guess what... im gonna! and if i wanna wear a floral in the fall... ya that's right! (and not because in california its hard to pretend like its the dead of winter when its 70 degrees
outside but because i live on the edge like that..) so just remember this coming season to "fall in love" with yourself. be true to who you are, because there is nothing more fashionable. so excited for fall, i cant wait to wear all these chunky knits and other trends everyone is talking about!


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  1. im excited about the fall too! and pumpkin spice coffee:)