Saturday, July 30, 2011

float on

we all know it's bikini season! so drink up, hydrate, and flush out that excess! make sure you eat a balanced diet on top of it!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


there is nothing worse then trying to rush out of the door and you grab a necklace to throw on and six others come along .... also two bracelets, a ring and half an earring. just because you haven't found the perfect way to display your baubles doesn't mean you should just let them tangle up in a drawer.. so here are 5 things you probably have around the house that you can use until you make up your mind:

{rings:meat thermometer}

{earrings:cheese grater}
ps this is great for travel.. and the "zest" part holds even the teeniest of studs

{bracelets: paper towel holder}

{necklaces:shower curtain rings}

{everything:spool holder}
ok ok so this one may not be laying around the house but its cheap and easily found at any craft store and it works perfect for everything

xo d

Saturday, July 23, 2011

you're so shady.... diy lamp shade

having just moved, we had a few lamp shades that didn't quite make it to point b.... so instead of just tossing them i decided to revamp. sooo if you've got a lamp shade that needs some love here ya go:

{finished product in the daylight}

{what you need: lamp shade, scissors, hot glue gun & glue, lace/chiffon/fringe trim...or whatever you like}

{ start gluing }

{ i made about 6 "base layers" first }

{then went in between with different fabrics}

{at night}
xo d

wee the people

Oh no, I am in serious trouble! Why do these little clothing pieces grab my heart in such a way that say "you HAVE to buy me"? Everyday I am faced with the problem of self justification when buying kids clothes. . . she NEEDS this, she is growing! And now that some of my favorite brands are broadening their lines to include kids clothing, it's all over for me. . .

xoxo Laura

Friday, July 15, 2011

DIY gift bags

I just love this kind of crafty-ness!!! Recycle your Sunday paper or even take pages out of your favorite book. Either way, it's an amazing way to personalize a gift!!!
Also, try this brilliant idea-


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

dirty hair... no hat required

getting up early, going to bed late... barely enough time for a shower.. definitely not enough time to blow dry the heap on top of your head. here are three hair styles that can make your blow dry last one more day (or for those really rough weeks two.) they can all be done in less than a minute with items you most likely have floating in the bottom of your purse between the tampon, gum wrapper, and target receipts.

* the half(awake) twist *

hold your hair like you are putting it in a pony except with your hand upside down as shown. next twist that hand up, it should now be facing down. secure where it all meets in the middle.

*the (my-hair-is-actually)messy bun*

start with a regular pony tail. wrap hair around. secure with cute bow, button, bobby pin or whatever you have.

* its knot my hair day*

take two pieces of hair knot them. then knot again. keep on knotting until your satisfied. secure.


Monday, July 11, 2011

wtf trends... sheer maxi

are you ever flipping through the latest issue of elle and come across a trend that you have to try but immediately think how can I wear that??? well.... heres how:
WTF sheer maxi
{layer it up}

{over a short dress/skirt/shorts}

{over swimsuit/one piece}


Thursday, July 7, 2011

just cause

any excuse to get a new bag!
the perfect summer accessory... and all for a great cause...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

what's in your summer bag?

My must haves for the summer....

Kiehl's sunscreen available at Neiman Marcus

Classified Era Airbrush Foundation available at Planet Blue

Nars Orgasm Blush available at Sephora

Chanel Gingeroot and Summerfruit available at Nordstrom

Bare Minerals Shimmer Eyeshadow available at Planet Beauty

Perfect Nectar Oil Perfume available at Planet Blue


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pretty in Pink

On a normal day, pink is my least favorite color!! But today, this vintage, pale rose color is making me SO happy. . . enjoy these pics with an ice cold lemonade!!

{source: Pinterest}

XOXO Laura