Monday, June 6, 2011

flower child

the best part about spring is the flowers... the best part about flowers is that they are the earths perfect accessory. put one in your hair and you are instantly transformed through sight and smell... enter the flower halo. we chose to make our flower halo using faux flowers just for practicality sake (so we can wear it again and again and again!) and lets face it – its cheaper! however if you’d like to make one using real flowers , for a special occasion , a gift or because its a tuesday.. mosey on over to free people’s blog and they have a great tutorial...anyways

here’s how it goes down:

(metal floral wire, cloth covered floral wire, needle nose pliers, lots of flowers, floral tape: not pictured)

twist two cloth covered wires together to your desired size, this will be the base of the crown

cut the buds from the stems, leaving enough stem (about 1 inch) to wrap the skinny metal around. form bundles, wrapping the metal around tightly, leave extra wire at the end to attach the bundles to the base.

attach to base

continue making bundles and attaching until you've filled your crown... go as tame (one or two flowers for the timid) or wild (fill with huge oversized flowers for those of you who want to make a statement) or you can also just do one big flower! so many choices what is a girl to do???

make them all!

recommendation: do not get a manicure before embarking on this project...

flower halo
once you've finished and tried it on you can wrap floral tape around the ends and or if you have any little pricklies poking you

ps... instead of party hats, we made these for my daughters 2nd birthday party. everyone took them home and i get pictures all of the time of the kids and adults wearing them around town! sweet little twist on a birthday party classic....



  1. I love this, great photos! Your vers of the flower halo is much more practical than the one on the Freepeople site :)

  2. Such a cute and fun idea! Love the flower halo, may have to make one for myself tomorrow!

  3. So pretty! You make it look "doable" for us less than crafty types!! Thanks for sharing:)

  4. The last pic of the two of you is absolutely stunning!! Love it! You are so creative! <3