Thursday, June 30, 2011

oh my that smells good...

get your hands on a tobi tobin candle.. any of them... ALL of them. they are all amazing. i hate to give away my scent secrets... but i figure everyone deserves to have an amazing smelling home! i cant even narrow it down to my top three because i'll take any of them... and the only way to experience them is to get one... now.

while your in there check out their amazing home decor! the perfect mix of vintage classic bohemian sexy comfort chic all rolled in to one amazing selection. to top it off they sell luxury chocolates (i have to get a dark choc truffle fudge with sea salt every time... and you will too)

and i guess if you twisted my arm and i HAD to pick three they would be:
romanesque, bibliotheque, georgian, baroque, oh and signature

now turn down the lights and strike a match!


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