Wednesday, July 13, 2011

dirty hair... no hat required

getting up early, going to bed late... barely enough time for a shower.. definitely not enough time to blow dry the heap on top of your head. here are three hair styles that can make your blow dry last one more day (or for those really rough weeks two.) they can all be done in less than a minute with items you most likely have floating in the bottom of your purse between the tampon, gum wrapper, and target receipts.

* the half(awake) twist *

hold your hair like you are putting it in a pony except with your hand upside down as shown. next twist that hand up, it should now be facing down. secure where it all meets in the middle.

*the (my-hair-is-actually)messy bun*

start with a regular pony tail. wrap hair around. secure with cute bow, button, bobby pin or whatever you have.

* its knot my hair day*

take two pieces of hair knot them. then knot again. keep on knotting until your satisfied. secure.


1 comment:

  1. Would you consider posting a video for the spatial perception impaired among us? I (think I) did the twist this morning and it's holding up well into the afternoon!