Wednesday, July 27, 2011


there is nothing worse then trying to rush out of the door and you grab a necklace to throw on and six others come along .... also two bracelets, a ring and half an earring. just because you haven't found the perfect way to display your baubles doesn't mean you should just let them tangle up in a drawer.. so here are 5 things you probably have around the house that you can use until you make up your mind:

{rings:meat thermometer}

{earrings:cheese grater}
ps this is great for travel.. and the "zest" part holds even the teeniest of studs

{bracelets: paper towel holder}

{necklaces:shower curtain rings}

{everything:spool holder}
ok ok so this one may not be laying around the house but its cheap and easily found at any craft store and it works perfect for everything

xo d

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