Wednesday, August 10, 2011

berry organized



i am embarrassed to say that the before picture was my top drawer after only living in our new home for 2 months.... i cant even tell you how much time i spent digging for bobby pins! this drawer holds everything that i use on a regular basis so something had to change... after going to the farmers market {and eating a huge fruit salad} i took a note from real simple and their new uses for old things. these berry baskets are the perfect size to help me contain my overflow of beauty products.

i like to cut stripes of ribbon or paper and secure about 10 bobby pins
to it. that way they are easy to find in a drawer and you can just toss
a strip in your bag on the go,saving precious minutes... {its not easy
taming your hair while taming your child...}
when your at make up counter and they give you samples of the products
you use, instead of throwing them away or getting lost in the bottom of
a basket, put them all in a small container. that way when you decide
to jet off to palm springs for the weekend you can just thrown this in
your bag knowing you'll have all the usual suspects and more space for
all 4 pairs of shoes!


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