Wednesday, August 3, 2011

summer scents

there is nothing better than the smell of the beach and flowers in the summer, well unless you smell like them! here are a few of my favorite summer scents (or in our case year round scents out here in cali!)i am definitely an "oil" girl but every now and then ill spritz on a perfume, so there is a variety of both. i personally own all of these so i promise even if your stuck at work- stick a bowl of water under your desk, put your tootsies in it, roll on one of these scents, close your eyes and you'll immediately be laying on the shore with a mojito feeling that sweet sting of the sun and salt.
{pikaki lei fragrance oil - you can pick this up at whole foods!}
{hawaiian song oil coco-mango flavor : i got this at the abc store in waikiki... im running low - guess i'll have to go back...)
{cb secret history: at the beach 1966 - all of their scents are unique and amazing... you have to smell burning leaves!}


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  1. I love the smell of Pikake. Reminds me of Hawaii. I am also really digging Jennifer Aniston's new scent.